Captive Breeding



A visit to Kyabram Fauna Park, led to an opportunity for Veronica and John Groat to breed Squirrel Gliders in captivity at their property in Strathallan. Veronica applied for permits while John began building the first of four large enclosures each designed to house up to eight gliders. 

A breeder in Kyabram Kezia Talbot offered them a breeding pair Allan (poster boy, painted onto the Rochester Silos) and Strathy  (strath/allan). A further three gliders were sourced from Mark Cairns of Endangered Species Recovery in Warburton. The swap of two surplus males with the Woodleigh School in Langwarrin saw two wild-born Grampians brothers Rory and Che join our captive colony at the Strathallan Glider Sanctuary. Overtime a few gliders have escaped only to be found living in nest boxes put up in trees on the  property and breeding with wild animals forming what we fondly call the ‘escapee’ colony. Our registered breeding project has been highly successful with 16 joeys bred by 2018’s breeding season. With the number of gliders growing and the establishment of the Montrose Glider Breeding Project in the Yarra Valley the future looks good. The ongoing expansion of the Strathallan captive breeding program and sister colony in Montrose will long term facilitate the introduction of new genes in the future. Currently we have 33 gliders at our Strathallan and Montrose sites, ready to partake in what we hope to be landmark move in the conservation of this endangered species.

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Visitors are permitted at our Captive Breeding Facilities but please ring to book a visit.